The Rehab Place of Parkview Wabash Hospital is an excellent resource for rehabilitation, including Physical and Occupational therapy. We have a team of well-educated healthcare professionals who are committed to excellence and service. They are able to make recovering from a surgery, injury or physical setback, as agreeable and speedy as possible. We have the benefit of experience and equipment which rivals any facility in the state. 

Aquatic Therapy

We relocated our outpatient services into the YMCA complex in 2009. The new facility allowed us to expand our services and partner with the YMCA in promoting healthier lifestyles. The move also allowed us to add a Hydroworx 1200 pool to our rehabilitation facility. This private pool has a floor which will rise to floor level to eliminate steps or ladder entry, and lowers down as low as 6 feet, enabling us to be at the perfect depth for your height or therapy needs. We can eliminate or modify weight-bearing in the pool to facilitate a quicker recovery and improve outcomes. This combined with our other exercise and treatment options makes, The Rehab Place the best choice for your recovery.

Wound Care

Our staff has extensive experience treating all wound types, whether acute or chronic. We offer treatments such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation which have been proven to promote healing. We also provide very current treatment in wound care management such as wound-vac (negative pressure therapy), 4-layer compression wraps (Profore), and unna boot wraps. Additionally, we use cutting edge dressings, including types which kill MRSA. We do measurements for custom pressure gradient garments..

Business and Industry

We also are vested in the success of the local business and industrial community. We provide on-site evaluation for risk assessment and tailor make programs for return to work testing and pre-employment/post offer screenings based on the essential functions of the individual jobs. These services prevent injury and improve safety and help take the guess work out of returning someone to work. We also provide education and in-servicing for back safety, ergonomics and the prevention of repetitive use injuries. Functional capacity evaluations are available to allow a more detailed assessment of overall physical status of someone who has had either a significant injury or has been off work for an extended time. Our facility resources allow for simulation of most work demands. Rehabilitation is then geared toward work conditioning to return the clients safely to their highest level of function.

Partnering with our schools

We are committed to our community. As a result, we employee two Athletic Trainers who work tirelessly in the local schools. They help prevent injuries and provide quick assessment if injuries do occur. They assist athletes in preparation for games or practices, with taping, stretches and exercises. They also assist in determining when athletes are safe to return to activity and events.

Inpatient/Swing Bed

Our therapists provide services at Parkview Wabash Hospital on a rotating basis. We can help make your transitions from the inpatient setting to the Swing Bed unit seamless, as the same staff will provide your care. When you are ready to transition to home, staff can assist you in setting up for outpatient services at The Rehab Place of Parkview Wabash Hospital or home health care through Wabash-Miami Home Healthcare.


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Patients are seen by appointment only, with physician referral.



The Rehab Place of Parkview Wabash Hospital

502 South Cass Street

Wabash, IN 46992

Phone: 260.569.2206

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